Tide-Eliminator Construction

Rugged, High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Construction, Floating Mooring Ring

Now New And Improved! We now use 316L Stainless Steel  - For Better Corrosion Protection In Salt Water

Tide-Eliminator is superior to other systems that adjust for tidal changes in that it is much simpler, about one third the cost, virtually indestructible, and does not require any permanent attachments making it completely and easily portable to go where your boat goes.  And it works equally well on pilings that have structure attached such as docks, etc. 

The Kit

When you purchase a Tide-Eliminator, Tide-Eliminator is easy to assemble and takes just a minute or two to put together. The kit comprises two steel tie bars, 4 floats and two stainless steel bolts with lock nuts. Once assembled, you have a go anywhere portable mooring rings solution.

Alternative Configurations

Tide Eliminator is highly versatile and is capable of different configurations to accommodate larger pilings. 

One and a half units can be configured to accommodate up to a 14 inch diameter piling with ease.


One year warranty on materials and workmanship only. Limited to parts replacement or refund on purchase price of your order. Does not apply to any material damage beyond replacement of damaged Tide-Eliminator parts if found to be defective.

Eliminate Your Tidal Worries Today!

Order the Tide-Eliminator today for $118.00 each.

Shipping anywhere in the USA is $19 each ($26 per one and a half, and two).




International enquires - call for pricing.



Tide Eliminator
Portable Mooring Rings



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Tide Eliminator
Portable Mooring Rings