Testimonials about Tide-Eliminator

Here are a few testimonials from some happy customers


Repeat Customer


It is Spring in the NY area and needed another tide eliminator for boating. Bought one last year which worked and no worries of tides or gusts. Just bought another and wanted to make sure you have my order and aproximate delivery.


John Stefura, PMP

Linden, NJ.

Bluff House

Tide-Eliminator has changed the way I moor my boat .  It's simple and quick to install. I  slipped the float ties over the pole mooring and they slid down to float at water level, rising and falling with the tide.

A stainless ring with bullet proof rollers makes  this basically  a "no maintenance deal"  My own personal touch, was to I eye splice a stainless carabineer to one end of the dock lines and snap them on the Tide-Eliminator eye.

I put another eye splice in the bitter end then leave the line hanging on a cleat . When I tie up,  I grab the line and slip the eye over my boat cleat   No adjustment and fussing with lines. As the tide rises and falls every thing stays taught and neat. It's a real no brainier !! Why didn't I think of that!!

Sitting Pretty With Tide Eliminators

Dear Sirs, I ordered a pair of the tide eliminators about a month ago.  They are awesome! Boat sits pretty as can be tied to floating dock and off shore pilings.  I've had many other boaters ask me about them and I've passed along your info.  Hope you will be getting more orders from New Jersey! Ted G.  

Eliminate Your Tidal Worries Today!

Order the Tide-Eliminator today for $118.00 each.

Shipping anywhere in the USA is $19 each ($26 per one and a half, and two).




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